Permit for the implementation of the Marine Science Study Program at the Undergraduate Program (S1) was issued by the Director-General of Higher Education Number 117 / D / T / 2007 dated January 18, 2009 and confirmed with the Decree of the Padjadjaran University Number 209 / J06 / Kep / OT / 2007 dated January 29, 2007  At present Marine Science has received the title “A” from BAN-PT DIKTI under number 2368 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / S / X / 2016 and ends in 2021. In 2020 it is planned to get an international accreditation certificate from one of accreditation institution from United Kingdom.

In order to achieve the target of international accreditation, the Study Program began to focus on rearranging the accreditation forms. With the hard work of all staff assisted a team of Marine Sciences Quality Assurance Unit (UPM) faculty and Quality Assurance Unit (SPM) Unpad, the Study Program has been produced initial form documents, ie study program accreditation forms, faculty, and self-evaluation document, and OBE document.

Each form contains the prescribed standards ranging from vision and mission of the university, faculty, and Prodi, standard governance and management of institutions, standards of students and undergraduates, curriculum standards of learning and academic atmosphere, the standard of facilities and infrastructure, to standard research, collaboration, and community service. By obtaining international accreditation, a graduate study program Marine Science Unpad received more career opportunities in the world of work. In addition, Marine Science Unpad is expected to advance in developing a network of cooperation with many institutes and industry.