Field Station Bonpies Island

Biawak Island is a part of an archipelago in Java Sea. This island is located in the area of Indramayu Regency, West Java. Biawak Island is in north of Indramayu Peninsula, or about 40 kilometers from north coast of Indramayu, and administratively belong to Indramayu District, Indramayu Regency. Biawak Islands consist of three big islands: Biawak Island, Candikian Island, and Gosong Island.

Biawak Island also has a dense mangrove on its shore. Besides mangrove, a lot of pine trees can be also founded in the middle of the island. This forest is the place for various birds, so it will be interesting if you can observe them directly.

For reaching this island, you must cross the ocean from Karangsong Dock, Indramayu. So firstly, you must get into Indramayu. To reach Indramayu you can use bus or train from Jakarta. After arriving in Indramayu, you can directly head to Karasong Dock to rent a motor boat. The trip to Biawak Island usually needs around 3-4 hours.