Our Department brings together a high quality of expertise, curriculum, system, and facilities to help improve our understanding of the marine environment.

The Study Program of Marine Sciences is one of two study programs in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) of Padjadjaran University. This study program was formed in 2007 with Decree No. 117 / D / T / 2007 on January 18, 2007. The study program completes the formation (FPIK) in 2005. Specifically, the presence of the Ocean Sciences Study Program within the University of Padjadjaran emphasizes the field of conservation and utilization of marine biological resources. This field is supported by the existence of a rigorous curriculum, lecturers, scientists, and staffs who are experts in the field as well as support from various institutions that collaborate with Padjadjaran University Marine Science study programs.

Vision of Study Program:
“Becoming a Study Program of Higher Education that Is Leading in the Field of Conservation and Utilization of Internationally Competitive Marine Biological Resources in 2024”

With a vision to become an internationally competitive Marine Science Study Program in 2024, it is hoped that this Study Program can develop their knowledge gradually and with quality from short to long term direction. For this reason, one of the standards for achieving these goals and visions is national and international accreditation.

Mission of the Study Program

  1. Organizing quality EDUCATION in the field of conservation and utilization of marine biological resources;
  2. Carry out research and produce quality scientific publications at the national and international levels in the field of conservation and utilization of marine biological resources, both by lecturers and students;
  3. Carry out quality community service activities based on local wisdom in accordance with the needs of the community and the development of Marine Science and Technology;
  4. Implementing education management by applying the principles of Quality Assurance.
  5. Establish strategic cooperation relationships with the community, government, other universities both domestically and abroad, and the private industry in a sustainable manner.