Prospective Students

How to apply as an undergraduate student?

There are 3 path to entrance Our B.Sc Program (S1).

  1. National Invitation Test (SNMPTN)
  2. National College Test (SBMPTN)  ,or
  3. Local Entrance Tests (SMUP)

For SNMPTN and SBMPTN, students must be graduate from senior high school which have pass test in basic science (Math, Bahasa and English, Chemistry, Physic, and Biology). In addition, screening also done by looking at the accreditation of the school.

For SMUP, mechanism and procedures for test are provided by university. There are two steps for entrance which is step one is Mobile Assisted Testing (MAT) which are scholastic test and academic competency test, and TOEFL. If the students pass the test, then the next step are interview using Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) and Swimming Test.


Check the announcement from University or Higher Education of Indonesia (April-June every year)

  1. Make sure that you meet the criteria
  2. Check application deadlines
  3. Start up the application procedure
  4. Tests

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